How to creat a live account

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To create a live (real) user account, do the following steps in order:

Log in to your account at

Click on the MT5 section from the left menu and then click on the Create New Account button on the opened page.

From the menu that opens, click on the Live button.

Enter the following values ​​in the order requested.

After filling the mentioned menu, click on Add New Account button.

Note that you need a different amount of minimum deposit to open different types of accounts. If the minimum deposit is not made, the account will not be opened.

After clicking the Add New Account button, the message “Account successfully created” will be displayed, indicating the success of creating your demo user account.

Access your email: After you have opened your account on the site, access your email.

An email will be sent to you based on the success of the account creation operation.

In this email, the details of the created account have been sent to you.

These details include Login ID (username of your account), trader password (with trading ability) and investor password (without trading ability, only with the ability to view transactions).