How to deposit

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To deposit funds into your MondFx account, you should use the “funds” tab from inside your panel, choose “deposit” option, select the wallet you want to charge, then choose the method among the options: “Bitcoin, USTD TRC20, USDT ERC20, and Ethereum”, at the next step you will be needing to enter your “Deposit amount”, and the last step: push the “proceed” button. You will be directed to payment gateway and will have to pay the amount using your cryptocurrency wallet. The amount will be credited to your wallet inside your MondFx account. Then you could transfer any amount between your accounts to deposit your trading account.

1. Click on the funds tab inside your panel.
2. Click on deposit.
3. Select your usd wallet.
4. Select the desired deposit currency. (Bitcoin, USTD TRC20, USDT ERC20, or Ethereum)
5. Determine your chosen currency platform.
6. Specify the amount of your deposit currency.
7. Check the dollar equivalent of your deposit currency.
8. Click on send request to display the deposit address.

After making sure that the copied address is correct, deposit the desired amount to this address.