Minimum Deposit For Accounts

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Please note that each account type has certain amount of minimum deposit to be able to trade in it, minimum deposit for Nano account is only 1 USD, for Standard account it is 10 USD, for ECN account it is 200 USD, for ECN Pro account it is 500 USD, and for Islamic (swap free) account it is 1000 USD.

You will be able to create your trading account but system won’t allow you to trade in it, so you should deposit the minimum amount in the trading account, using the “transfer” part of your MondFx account. The “transfer” option allows you to transfer funds from your MondFx wallet to your trading account.

To create the desired account, first enter your user panel and follow the following steps:
1. After charging the minimum deposit amount of your desired account, enter the MT5 tab.
2. Click on create new account.

1. Inside your panel, click on the funds tab.
2. Then click on transfer.
3. Enter the account ID (id) of the source you want.
4. Enter the account ID (id) of your desired destination.
5. Enter your desired transfer amount or select one of the percentage transfer options.
6. In the last step, click on transfer.