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Withdrawing from your MondFx account is as easy as depositing to it, you will have to transfer the amount from your MondFx account to your personal wallet, whether it is on an exchange website or an application on your mobile phone. As verification of withdrawals are human-based, it may take a time up to 12 hours. If in any case it takes more time, feel free to contact the support team and ask about it.

1. Click on the funds tab inside your panel.
2. Click on withdraw.
3. Select your dollar wallet.
4. Select the desired withdrawal currency. (Bitcoin, USTD TRC20, USDT ERC20, and Ethereum)
5. Determine the base of your withdrawal currency.
6. Enter your withdrawal amount or select one of the percentage withdrawal options.
7. Check the dollar equivalent of your withdrawn currency.
8. Enter the destination wallet address.
9. If needed, put a message.
10. By ticking this section, the entered settings will be saved for later use.
11. Click on send request to display the deposit address.